Mobile Deposit Terms & Conditions

Mobile Deposit Terms & Conditions

In order to access Midland’s Mobile Deposit service (“Mobile Deposit”) you must first be enrolled in Midland’s Online Banking.


  • “Bank”: Midland bank
  • “Business Day”: Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays
  • “Business Day Cutoff”: 3:30pm Central Time on any Business Day
  • “Deposit”: Each individual check deposited using the Mobile Deposit Service
  • “Qualifying Account”: Any account which meets the deposit account qualifications determined by the Bank

Deposit Account Qualifications:

  • Accountholder has been a customer of Midland for at least 30 days
  • Accountholder is in good standing with Midland
  • Deposit account(s) is/are in a positive position and no fraud or abuse has occurred on the account(s)

Use of Service:

To make a deposit using Mobile Deposit, you will choose the Qualifying Account to receive the Deposit, enter the amount of the Deposit, then take a picture with your mobile device of both front and back of the check which you are depositing, and submit the Deposit. Upon submission, the Deposit will undergo an image quality check. Should the Deposit fail this quality check, you will be prompted to retake the picture of the front and/or back of the check.

After submitting each Deposit you will receive an in-app confirmation that the Deposit has been submitted for processing. These notifications are acknowledgment of receipt and do not mean the Deposit has been approved. You will receive an in-app confirmation if one or both of the following situations apply:

  • Processed with Adjustment – the amount of the check does not match the amount entered by the user
  • Rejected – the Deposit has been rejected by the Bank

If the Deposit has been reviewed and approved before the Business Day Cutoff it will be posted to your Qualifying Account with a Mobile Deposit description on the same business day, however, the funds will be available in accordance with the “Funds Availability” section below.

Funds Availability and Posting Order:

Funds deposited using Mobile Deposit before the Business Day Cutoff will generally be available to you at the end of the same Business Day, subject to the Bank’s standard hold policies.

A Deposit made through Mobile Deposit may not be immediately available for viewing on Online Banking or Mobile Banking. When the Deposit(s) are available for viewing, the reflected order of debit and credit transactions (including but not limited to checks and debit card transactions) may vary from the order in which they will be finally processed by the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to determine the order of processing all transactions.

Conditions for Use:

When using Mobile Deposit, you will endorse all checks with the payee’s signature (your name), and the words “FOR MIDLAND MOBILE DEPOSIT”. Once the Deposit has been approved by the Bank, we recommend that you mark on the face of the deposited check “Electronically Deposited on MM/DD/YYYY” or some other marking sufficient to give notice the check has already been deposited. You agree to maintain all checks contained in a Deposit for a minimum of 14 days. You may not deposit the following items to your Qualifying Account using Mobile Deposit:

  • Checks made payable to any person or entity other than you (i.e., third party checks)
  • Checks which have previously been deposited and returned
  • Checks drawn on institutions located outside the United States
  • Checks payable in a denomination other than US dollars
  • Substitute Checks (as defined in the Check 21 Act)
  • Remotely created checks (also called demand drafts)
  • Money Orders or Travelers’ Checks
  • Checks you know or have reason to suspect are fraudulent or otherwise not properly authorized
  • Checks with a date after the date of deposit or no date
  • Checks in an amount in excess of the deposit limitations set forth herein (see “Deposit Limits” below)
  • Checks may be deposited using Mobile Deposit only when you are physically located in the United States.

If for any reason the Mobile Deposit is not able to process your Deposit, you will need to take your check(s) to any Midland location for deposit to your Qualifying Account or mail them, along with a properly completed deposit slip, to Midland Bank, P.O. Box. 427, Newton, KS 67114.


For every check you deposit using Mobile Deposit you hereby warrant:

  • All signatures on the check (including all endorsements) are authentic and authorized. The amount, payee, signature(s) and endorsement on the original check are legible, genuine and accurate.
  • The check is not counterfeit.
  • You have good title to the check and are a holder-in-due course as defined in K.S.A. §84-3-302.
  • You have no knowledge that any of the information on the check has been altered in any manner after creation but before deposit of the check.
  • Each image is an accurate representation of front and back of the check, without any alteration.
  • You will promptly produce the original check upon request of the Bank within 14 days of Deposit of the check using Mobile Deposit. You will cooperate and provide reasonable assistance to the Bank regarding any questions or claims made thereon.
  • The original check or the electronically deposited check will not be and have not been deposited at this Bank or any other financial institution.
  • There are no duplicate images of the check other than the image transmitted using Mobile Deposit.
  • You have destroyed the original check as required under this Agreement.

We reserve the right to reject any check transmitted through the Mobile Deposit service, at our discretion, without liability to you. Midland is not responsible for processing or transmission errors that may occur, or for deposited items that we do not receive.

Deposit Limits:

You may deposit checks totaling up to but no more than $1,500 per day. If you are attempting to deposit an amount in excess of the daily limit you will receive an in-app confirmation that the deposit cannot be submitted.  Midland may, at its discretion, raise or lower any or all of these limits at any time. The Bank reserves the right to make such change without prior notice to you.


If a check in a Deposit is dishonored or otherwise returned for any reason, you authorize Midland to debit the amount of such check from the credited Qualifying Account. If there are insufficient funds in the credited Qualifying Account, you authorize the Bank to collect the funds from any of your Midland accounts. If funds are not available in any account, you agree to reimburse the Bank for the amount of any dishonored or returned check. You also agree to pay the Bank any applicable fees in accordance with the Fee Schedule in affect at the time of the collection.

Because you have destroyed the original check, you acknowledge that it is impossible for the Bank to return such original to you. You agree that the check returned will be in the form of an electronic or paper reproduction of the original or a substitute check.


No fees are charged for using Midland’s Mobile Deposit.

In the Event of Errors or Other Questions:

Should you have questions about using Midland's Mobile Deposit, or if you notice any errors on your account, please contact us by telephone at (316) 283-1700, e-mail us at, or in person at 527 N. Main Street, PO Box 427, Newton, KS 67114.


Your use of Midland's Mobile Deposit constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.