Mobile Deposit FAQ

Mobile Deposit FAQ

Q: Is Mobile Deposit right for me?

A: Everyone who receives checks can benefit from remote deposit capture. With the ability to make deposits from anywhere at any time, it's faster and more convenient than making a trip to a branch or ATM.

Q: How do I sign up for Mobile Deposit?

A: After logging in to Midland’s Mobile Banking app using your online banking credentials, select the “Deposit” icon and complete the enrollment process. You will receive a text and email confirmation once your enrollment has been accepted. Most enrollments will be confirmed within one business day.

Q: Once I sign up do I always have to use the same phone?

A: No. The ability to make a deposit is tied to your online banking ID, not your mobile device. However, the text and email notifications will only be sent to the phone number and email address you provided at enrollment.

Q: How should I endorse my check?

A: Checks should always be endorsed with “YOUR NAME” and “FOR MIDLAND MOBILE DEPOSIT”. Failure to properly endorse your check may cause your deposit to be delayed or rejected.

Q: How do I change the phone number or email address associated with my mobile deposits?

A: Log into your Midland Online Banking account and choose “Change Info” under the Services menu, or contact any Midland banking location to update your contact information.  Be sure to mention you use Mobile Deposit!

Q: What is the deadline for making a deposit today?

A: Checks submitted and accepted by 3:30pm Central Time on a business day will post to your account that day. Checks submitted after 3:30pm on a business day, weekends, or holidays will be posted the next business day.

Q: How many accounts can I setup?

A: You may select multiple accounts to deposit funds.

Q: How do I verify that a check has been accepted for deposit?

A: Your last five deposits can be found by selecting “Transactions” on the Mobile Deposit icon. The status for each deposited item will be listed as “Accepted”, “Pending” or “Rejected”. Any messages regarding the deposited item can be found next to the status.

Q: What type of checks cannot be mobile deposited?

A: The following types of checks should not be submitted using Mobile Deposit:

  • Checks without complete MICR lines should not be deposited.
  • Checks made payable to someone other than yourself (i.e third party checks)
  • Canadian items or other foreign checks
  • Incomplete checks that do not contain signatures of the maker, endorsement signatures, or that may be missing other necessary information.
  • Items marked non-negotiable

Mobile Deposit Limits

  • Approved Midland customers may deposit up to $1,500 per day and $3,000 per month, with no more than 3 checks per day.
  • Approved Midland small business customers may deposit up to $5,000 per day and $10,000 per month. No individual deposited item may exceed $3,500.

Q: What should I do with my check after it has been accepted?

A: Shred or destroy the check after the deposit has been posted to your statement.

Q: Are business accounts eligible?

A: Small business customers may use the service on a low volume basis. Business customers needing more than 10 checks per day are encouraged to check out our Remote Deposit Capture product. Contact us for more information.

Q: Is there a fee to mobile deposit my check?

A: No. Currently no fee is charged for submitting a deposit via Mobile Deposit.

Q: If I discover I've entered an incorrect amount for a deposited check, should I re-deposit the check?

A: No. The check can only be deposited into Mobile Deposit once. If you've entered the check amount incorrectly, it will most likely be in a pending status awaiting further review. You can verify this by going to 'Transactions' and viewing the status of the deposit. In many cases a representative will review the deposit and correct the amount, allowing the check to process. However, if you do not see that the check is in a pending status, please contact Midland at 316-283-1700.

Right to Terminate Deposit Privileges

  • Your Midland account must stay in good standing to remain eligible for Mobile Deposit.
  • All rights to use Mobile Deposit will be terminated for failure to comply with terms and conditions or abuse of product.