Electronic Banking

Electronic Banking Made Easy and Green

At Midland, we realize the impact we can have on our environment, and we do our best to limit our use of paper and other consumables whenever possible. We have invested considerable resources in technology and are striving to become more "paperless" in our day-to-day processing. We hope you will consider banking electronically whenver possible.

Easy. Convenient. Secure.
Midland's Electronic banking services; which include Online Banking, Mobile Money, Online Bill Pay, Debit Cards,MoneyLine telephone banking and eStatement, not only give you added convenience and flexibility for completing your transactions, but are also a great way to "go green" and help reduce waste.

Online Banking

Midland's Online Banking is a great way to take care of your banking business when you want and where you want.

  • 24-hour access to all of your accounts
  • Check balances
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay bills
  • Pay other people with POPMONEY!
  • View checks and statements
  • Set account alerts
  • And if you are a Quicken® or QuickBooks® user, download your account history and manage your finances even further!

Are you ready to get started banking online? 

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Let our Mobile Banking App put your account information at your fingertips!

With our Mobile Banking app, online banking customers can access and use many of the same features available through Midland’s Online Banking, such as reviewing account balances, depositing checks, paying bills, and transferring funds ... all withyour mobile device!

With Midland's Mobile Banking App you can:

  • Check Balances
  • Deposit Checks
  • Pay Bills
  • Transfer Funds
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Set & Receive Alerts
  • Text for account balances
  • And more!

Our Mobile Banking App is available in the iTunes Store and Google Play. Mobile Banking is available to all Midland Online Banking users. Message & Data rates may apply.

Mobile Payment Options

Mobile Payments logoPaying in stores has never been easier, and best of all it's Simple and Secure! Don't waste time fumbling through your wallet for the right card. Simply connect your Midland Debit Card to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay and breeze through the checkout line!

Click here more information about setting up your Mobile Payments

Text Banking is available for quick balance checks and alerts!

Would you like to receive a text alert when your account balance is low? Or when a large transaction occurs? Select "Text Banking" from the left-hand menu of our mobile app and choose from several types of account alerts!

Options include: Daily balance alerts, monthly balance alerts, alerts when your balance goes above/below a set threshold, as well as transaction alerts.

Two-way text banking is also available for quick balance checks.

Please Note: You must activate your accounts within the Two-Way Text Banking option.

  • Text "BAL" to 392-57 for a current balance
  • Text "HIST" to 392-57 for account history
  • Text "STOP" to 392-57 to stop receiving alerts
  • Text "HELP" to 392-57 for a list of available commands

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Saves time. Saves space. Saves trees!

We do our best to limit our use of paper whenever possible. Receiving your bank statements electronically is a great way to save paper and other resources. It is also a good way to help protect your private financial information. Did you know that the majority of ID theft today occurs as a result of someone intercepting your traditional mail or by someone accessing your improperly discarded documents! In addition to securely disposing of your private financial records, receiving your bank statements electronically will help reduce your risk of becoming yet another victim of this all-too-common crime.

About eStatements

  • FREE —There is no charge to receive eStatement!
  • FAST —You will have access your eStatement, with all of your check images, faster!
  • CONVENIENT —No papers to keep track of. No notebooks. Archive your eStatements electronically!
  • ACCESSIBLE —Wherever you are, you can view your eStatement via Online Bankingl!
  • SECURE —You will access your eStatement by logging into your Online Banking account

To sign up to receive your eStatements, follow these easy steps:

  • If you are already enrolled in Midland's Online Banking, log into your online account
  • Select "Electronic Statements" from the "Services" menu
  • Read & Accept the Electronic Agreement
  • Select the account statements you would like to receive electronically
  • Submit your selection

eStatement Enrollment Instructions

After you have signed up to receive electronic statements, your eStatement delivery is quick and easy!

  • We will send you an e-mail, notifying you that your eStatement is available (the e-mail will have nothing attached).
  • At your convenience, log into your Midland Online Banking account and retrieve your eStatement.
  • eStatements will be in PDF format and can be viewed online, downloaded and saved on your computer, or printed.

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For deposit or loan information, day or night, call the Midland MoneyLine!

MoneyLine features include information by either TOUCH-TONE phone or VOICE. MoneyLine provides current account activity including checks, deposits, ACH items, ATM transactions, and transfers. It also allows you to request your account history via fax. This service also allows you to report lost or stolen ATM/debit cards, and receive complete account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact our Customer Service Department to receive your MoneyLine access code.